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Trump Says 'Military Option' Possibility in Venezuela Trump Says 'Military Option' Possibility in Venezuela Trump Says 'Military Option' Possibility in Venezuela Trump Says 'Military Option' Possibility in Venezuela

Trump Says 'Military Option' Possibility in Venezuela

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Venezuela: Military Base Attackers Will Get 'Maximum Penalty,'  Says Maduro Venezuela: Military Base Attackers Will Get 'Maximum Penalty,'  Says Maduro Venezuela: Military Base Attackers Will Get 'Maximum Penalty,'  Says Maduro

Venezuela's Maduro Asks for 'Maximum Penalty' After Attack on Military Base

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Venezuela's New Constitutional Assembly Ousts Anti-Maduro Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Venezuela's New Constitutional Assembly Ousts Anti-Maduro Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Venezuela's New Constitutional Assembly Ousts Anti-Maduro Prosecutor Luisa Ortega

Venezuela Assembly Ousts Anti-Maduro Prosecutor

Nicolas Maduro: The Path From Bus Driver to Venezuelan President

Venezuela Vote: Opposition Taken From Homes After Controversial Poll

Venezuela: Government, Opposition Clash Over Turnout Numbers in Controversial Elections

U.S. Missionary and Newlywed Wife Mark a Year in Venezuelan Prison

Venezuela Helicopter Attack Coup Claim Is Nation's Latest Crisis

Amid Venezuela Protests, Medical Students Become Vital to Survival

Venezuela Protests: Roads Blocked as Anti-Maduro Demonstrations Persist

Venezuela Protests and Economic Crisis: What Is Going On?

'Mother of All Marches' Turns Violent in Venezuela


Venezuelans Pour Into Neighboring Colombia for Basic Supplies

Critics of Venezuela Govt. Say They Are Targets Of Conspiracies


Venezuela Protests Demand Release of Detained Demonstrators

Venezuelans: What's Next After Government Forces Raid Camp


Venezuelans Protest for 'Resurrection of Democracy'

Maduro Op-Ed Urges U.S. Not to Impose Venezuela Sanctions

Venezuela Arrests Three Generals for 'Plotting Coup'

Venezuela Opposition Congresswoman Stripped of Mandate

Doctors Say They Can't Care for Injured in Venezuela

U.S. Partially Suspends Venezuela Visas

Venezuela Protest Death Toll Rises to 33 Amid More Violence

Airlines Cut Back Flights To Venezuela

Venezuela's Maduro to U.S.: Don't Kill Me, Give Peace a Chance


Protester Injured as Venezuela Unrest Toll Rises

Cuba Could Be Venezuela's Biggest Loser

Venezuela Protest 'Anarchy' Rages On With Little Direction

Three More Killed in Venezuela as Clashes Persist

Both Sides In Venezuela Take to the Streets

A Night in the Life of a Rioter in Venezuela

For more than three weeks, government haters have faced off with security forces in Venezuela. Here's what it's like.

Jailed Venezuela Protest Leader Mocks Maduro Talks

Jailed Venezuelan protest leader Leopoldo Lopez says President Maduro has no real conviction in response to government turmoil.

Venezuela Rejects Outside Mediation for Ending Violence

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua has refused Uruguay's help to mediate as part of the on-going conflict gripping Venezuela.

Amid Crisis, Venezuela Begins Holiday Week

Despite simmering protests, Venezuelans began the week-long national holiday for Carnival.

Pope, Carter Call For Calm in Venezuela

Pope Francis and former President Jimmy Carter called on leaders to step in to end the violence in Venezuela.

Seven Things To Know About the Venezuela Crisis

What's behind the protests in Venezuela?

Washington Expels Three Venezuelan Diplomats

The move comes a week after Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro ousted three U.S. diplomats from Caracas.

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Declines Meeting With President

Gov. Capriles says he won't sit down with President Maduro amid Venezuela's turmoil because he doesn't want to make everything look normal.

What's Next for Strife-Torn Venezuela?

Even if violent protests have subsided for the meantime, many challenges persist for the oil-rich nation.


Traffic Snarl: Protesters Block Highways in Venezuela

Demonstrators join hands to block a highway in Caracas, Venezuela. The banner over their heads reads in Spanish "We are all Venezuela."

Opposition Protesters Block Roads in Venezuela's Capital

Anti-government demonstrators erected barricades in major parts Caracas, Venezuela on Monday.

Six Dead as Protesters and Troops Clash in Venezuela

Security forces and protesters fought around Venezuela on Thursday in streets blocked by burning barricades and a supporter of socialist President Nicolas Maduro was shot dead, the sixth fatality from more than a week of violence.

Venezuelan Beauty Queen Dies From Injuries Following Protests

Reuters reports she was shot in the head during an anti-government demonstration.

Venezuela Opposition Leader Surrenders, Protesters Flood Streets

Venezuelan security forces arrested opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez on Tuesday on charges of fomenting unrest that has killed at least four people, bringing tens of thousands of his angry supporters onto the streets of Caracas.

Venezuelans in U.S. Rally To Draw Attention to Political Crisis

As the political crisis unravels in Caracas, Venezuelan-Americans are holding local protests and are constantly trying to reach loved ones back home.

Venezuelan Student Fears 'Protests Will Go On'

As opposing marches took place in Caracas, a Venezuela law student told NBC News' Bill Neely, "Protests will go on until my country is better."

Dueling Marches Fill the Streets of Caracas, Venezuela

The protests are happening less than 24 hours after a 17-year-old student protester became the fourth casualty of the political unrest.

Venezuelans Brace For 'Historic' Demonstration

Venezuelans braced themselves for "historic moments" ahead of today's demonstrations.

Safety Not Guaranteed in Venezuela: Student

A student said that opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was taking the same risks as all Venezuelans by going on the streets.

Venezuelan Security Forces Prepare For Demonstrations

Venezuelan journalist Luis Aparicio pictures Venezuelan security forces preparing for Tuesday's demonstrations.

Venezuela Political Tensions on Brink of Boiling Over

Tensions in Venezuela look close to boiling over after an wanted opposition leader said he would lead a protest march on Tuesday

Venezuela Expels Three US Consular Officials

President Nicolas Maduro said he would not tolerate "threats" to his country's sovereignty.


Venezuelan Protests Continue into Fourth Day

Venezuelan police fired teargas and turned water cannons on stone-throwing protesters on Saturday to stop them blocking a Caracas highway in a fourth day of sporadic unrest against President Nicolas Maduro's government.

Police Hunt Venezuela Opposition Leader as He Tweets Defiance

A Venezuelan opposition leader wanted by police in connection with deadly street protests told supporters via Twitter to keep demonstrating, but peacefully, and armed police visited his father's home, apparently seeking to arrest him.